Fort George Island Cultural State Park

Fort George Island Cultural State Park and National Park Kingsley Plantation lie approximately 9 miles South of Amelia Island on S.R. A1A, or three miles south of Little Talbot Island State Park. The park contains several distinct periods in human history. During the early historical period Fort George Island was known as Alicamani. It was the location of the village of Alicamani, a major village of the Timucua chiefdom known as the Saturiwa. Timucua influence is noted by the presence of middens, large mounds that are compiled of massive quantities of shells and discarded food byproducts. On Fort George Island, the shells were primarily oysters. The island was later home to the Spanish mission of San Juan del Puerto, the primary mission to the Saturiwa.

The parks are free and open to the public for hiking and exploring. For a nominal fee, tours are available through Ecomotion Tours.

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